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How to Rank Your Website in Google in 2018 and Beyond!
There’s a lot of misinformation and confusion about how to rank a website well in Google with all of Google’s algorithm updates in 2018 and beyond. The answers I give in the video below may surprise you! Approximate Transcript of Video Above: Hi. David Hood here, the Dallas SEO geek, and this video is about […]

Google’s HTTPS Warning in Chrome — How to Upgrade Website to SSL
Many website owners got a message in their Google Webmaster Tools (AKA Google Search Console) regarding a new “feature” that the Chrome web browser will contain. Chrome will now notify its users if a website is not https (ssl) and the website has any input forms on it. A simple contact form counts, so this […]

Truths about Off Page SEO and Link Building
I get a lot of questions about my Off Page SEO and Link Building and there are some important reasons why I can’t reasonably share everything I do. First and foremost, link building is a deep rabbit hole where each answered question reveals several more questions. Explaining some details usually leads to more details needing […]

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Website Promotion Directory Secure Payment Options

Website Promotion Directory Secure Payment Options

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