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Smart Apparel and the Rise of “Future-Chic” Promos
Picture your team at a conference or expo, giving away promotional shirts as prizes for your drawing. Only these aren’t just any shirts. They’re made from a special “smart fabric” that tracks a runner’s mileage. Or imagine a bicycle delivery team wearing promotional “smart” jackets made from a material with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. When they […]

Show Your True Colors: How to Tap Into the Adult Coloring Book Trend
Remember when you were a kid, and all you needed to while away a rainy afternoon was a coloring book and your trusty box of crayons? Now that we’re all grown up — and now that most of our entertainment has gone electronic — you might expect the joy of coloring to be a relic […]

How Local Retailers Can Gain a Competitive Edge
As the retail industry faces new challenges from shifting consumer expectations, small, local businesses are realizing that the big chains’ losses can turn into their gain. Big-box stores are closing across the country, and not just because of competition from e-commerce. Industry analysts are also citing a lack of concern for the customer experience and […]

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